Hi, I'm Jaime

My horsemanship journey has been a little different.

I moved to a rural community in the Alleghany Highlands Virginia in 2007 to work in a music center. 

I've always had a fascination with horses but wasn't able to own my own until living in the mountains of Bath County.

As I looked around I saw most people that had horses had issues with their horses, and I believed there had to be a better way to work with these amazing animals and I began to dig into every resource I could find on the horsemen who taught to work without force, find help from trainers who were working with their ideas and was inspired to do the same.


I've always been more fascinated by the process...

After working with already started and established horses, I decided to pick up my first young horse to learn to work with her from an early stage. Khaleesi [pictured her first week with me here] was a 4-year old filly bred in the field on a local horse farm where the herds are generally left to live on the property as naturally as possible. As a 4-year old Khaleesi was virtually unhandled and basically feral.

That process taught me a lot as I did my best through success and failure always trying to honor her first as I knew how. 

A few years later I added Wyoming the mustang to learn more about horse language from a native. [Pictured with me above] Wyoming was rounded up as a 2-year old and her instinct is closer to the surface making her an excellent teacher for me.

I believe there is almost limitless depth available of connecting with these equine partners and each year I've been blown away by the relationship we've gained I am more amazed when I find there's more available as we go.

I want to see everyone have access to this kind of connection, it isn't magic, it just takes some understanding!

5 mindsets that encourage deeper connection

There are no shortcuts in the journey of relationship with our horses, however there are ways that bring us closer than others.

In this free PDF I list the 5 mindset shifts that are vital to a good working relationship.