Better communication with your horse

in the time you already spend together



More clear communication with your horse begins today.

Most horse owners express a desire to have better communication with their horse yet few have extra time to devote and most feel they don't have the right tools.

Hope Horsemanship can help you find simple mindsets and communication techniques to make every moment with your horse as an opportunity to communicate and build a closer relationship.

Client Testimonials

Brandea & Molly

"I’m glad I had Jaime as a coach the last year... I’m so grateful for her voice in my head. I have so much more confidence."

Madison & Dimitri

"I do feel more connected to Dimitri than I did even a few days ago, and I have some pretty cool new ideas to working with him at home!"

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Great free content on ideas for creating conversation and deeper connection with your horse.

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Check out my musings on the journey to take a feral 4 year old mare to a single-day 100 mile race completion.

Drawing Board Blog

Various nuts and bolts writing on tack, saddle fit, hoof care etc.

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Begin today!


There are simple mindset shifts that will begin to improve the connection between you and your horse as soon as you put them into practice.

The PDF is available free on request as a thank you for stopping by.